Air Quality Consultants in Williamsville NY

For over 24 years, Ahold of Mold Environmental has been a trusted provider of comprehensive environmental services in Williamsville and the surrounding areas. Specializing in mold removal, indoor air quality testing, water damage restoration, asbestos testing, duct cleaning, mold air testing, and home assessments, our team of experienced NY state-certified mold remediation contractors is dedicated to safeguarding your home and family from potential toxins and allergens.

What sets us apart is our commitment to professionalism and expertise. Unlike fly-by-night companies with quick certifications from non-governmental agencies, Ahold of Mold Environmental takes pride in its extensive experience as air quality consultants and NY state-certified asbestos inspectors. We utilize cutting-edge FLIR Technology (Forward Looking Infrared Imaging) to ensure the most advanced and effective solutions for our clients.

Our discreet and unmarked vehicles, coupled with our team of expert mold inspection, remediation, and repair professionals, exemplify our dedication to providing honest answers and maintaining our stellar reputation. Ahold of Mold Environmental remains steadfast in serving the Williamsville community for years to come, prioritizing the well-being of our clients and consistently upholding the highest standards in environmental consulting.

Ahold of Mold Environmental is your source for these services:

NY State Certified Mold Remediation Contractor

NY State Certified Mold Assessment Contractor

NY State Certified Asbestos Inspector

PA Doesn’t Require or Request Such Certifications

We Are Also A Certified Water Damage and Dry-Out Restoration Contractor

Our region of Western New York is well known for radical temperature and humidity swings, older homes, and leaky basements, all of which increase the risk of harmful mold growth and water damage. That’s where the experienced black mold removal professionals at Ahold of Mold Environmental come in: we inspect your home, test your air quality, and fix any mold and water-related issues we find.

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