Basement Waterproofing in Buffalo, NY

Have you noticed signs of water damage in your basement? Whether you’re buying or selling a home or just want to fix the home you love, A Hold of Mold Environmental in Buffalo, NY has the solution. We have set the industry standard with long-term basement waterproofing solutions that are proven effective in keeping basements dry. Whether it’s leaks, flooding, humidity, or musty smells, our products and methods can solve all kinds of wet basement problems to give you a basement that’s dry and healthy.

If you’ve experienced leaking walls or seepage through the floors or cracks in your home’s foundation, you need a waterproofing system that’s going to keep your basement dry, all the time.


Looking to transform your concrete floor and walls into a beautiful, finished basement space you’ll love?

We offer moisture-resistant basement wall panels, flooring, and ceiling tiles and professional installation that make basement finishing easy.


Basement Waterproofing FAQs

Learn the answers to frequently asked questions about how to waterproof a basement and keep it dry.

How do I prevent my basement from getting wet?

To prevent basement moisture, ensure proper drainage around your home’s perimeter, fix any gutter leaks, and grade the soil away from the foundation. Seal cracks in the walls and floors, use a dehumidifier, and consider exterior waterproofing coatings. Maintain good ventilation and ensure downspouts direct water away from the foundation.

How can I make a damp basement dry?

Make a damp basement dry by addressing the source of moisture. Fix leaks, improve ventilation, and install a dehumidifier. Ensure proper grading and gutter maintenance. Waterproof exterior walls and floors, and consider interior drainage systems or sump pumps if needed. Repair cracks and use moisture-resistant materials during renovations.

How do I fix a leaky basement foundation?

Fix a leaky basement foundation by identifying the source of leakage, which could be from cracks, faulty drainage, or poor sealing. Address exterior issues first, directing water away from the foundation. Seal cracks with epoxy injections and apply waterproof coatings. Consider installing a French drain or a sump pump for effective water management. Professional assessment might be necessary for complex cases.

How do I get rid of mold and musty odors in my basement?

Remove mold and musty odors in the basement by improving ventilation and reducing moisture. Clean mold with a mixture of water and detergent, then apply a mildew-resistant paint. Use a dehumidifier to maintain humidity below 50%. Replace damp materials, fix leaks promptly, and keep the area clean. Consider using air purifiers or natural deodorizers like baking soda and activated charcoal.

How can I warm up a cold basement?

Warm up a cold basement by insulating walls and floors. Seal gaps and cracks to prevent drafts. Consider underfloor heating or radiant heating systems. Use insulated windows and doors. Enhance overall insulation with materials like foam panels or fiberglass batts. Ensure proper ventilation to prevent condensation. Decorate with warm colors and use area rugs for added insulation.

How much will basement waterproofing cost?

The expense of basement waterproofing is influenced by elements such as basement dimensions, the degree of water damage, and the methods employed. Basic actions like sealing cracks are generally more affordable. Exterior waterproofing expenses typically span from a few thousand dollars to a higher range, while interior drainage systems commonly fall between certain cost brackets.

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