Duct Cleaning in Buffalo, NY

air duct cleaningHave you noticed your home’s forced air feels a little raspy these days? Are you coughing and sneezing more than usual? Is your throat scratchy and dry every day? If it’s been a while since you’ve scheduled an air duct cleaning in Buffalo, NY, it might be a good time to get one on the books—you could be breathing in mold spores.

Clean air ducts are the foundation for a healthy indoor environment. Homeowners and business owners alike need and want to breathe healthy indoor air as well as for their guests, employees, and customers. Throughout the years, air ducts can become contaminated with mold, fungi, and bacteria, as well as dust. Because routine HVAC maintenance does not remove these contaminants, proper removal must then be done with certain equipment protocol. Moreover, following this method will establish an environmentally sound air quality ensuring a healthier home.

Mold likes to take root in damp, dark places and often, your air ducts are the perfect breeding ground for mold—especially dangerous black mold. Each time the air kicks on and blows, your forced air system will blow mold spores into your living space, where you’ll breathe them in! It’s a situation that will perpetually get worse until it’s resolved by a pro.

Ahold of Mold Environmental is well-versed when it comes to air duct cleaning in Buffalo, NY and we know how to deal with mold that’s spreading via your ductwork.

duct cleaning

More Than Mold

There’s a lot more than mold lurking in your ducts! Dust, debris, pet dander, allergens and much, much more are all present in your ducts by virtue of being part of your forced air loop. Over time these things become trapped in the bowels of your ductwork, building up more and more. Eventually, the quality of your home’s forced air will suffer.

Signs to Look Out For

As mentioned above, some of the biggest signs that you need duct cleaning take the form of allergies or stale air. But these aren’t the only indicators that it’s time to clean your ducts:

  • Heavy presence of dust or dander in your home, despite keeping it clean daily.
  • Furnace filters only last a few weeks before becoming clogged and dirty.
  • Furnace efficiency drops or energy bills rise inexplicably.
  • Dirt or debris is visible on your registers and vents.

The best way to tell if you’re due for a duct cleaning is to call a professional who can scope your vents. More than just being able to tell you that you’re due for a cleaning, a professional can tell you what’s in your vents and recommend solutions that keep your air cleaner.

If you’re due for a duct cleaning or feel like your air quality might be at risk by unseen detractors, contact Ahold of Mold Environmental today at 716-898-8143. From mold to dander, dust to allergens, we’re ready to restore and protect your air quality. Come to us for mold air testing, mold remediation, indoor air quality testing, and more.