Indoor Air Quality Testing & Consultation in Buffalo, NY and Erie, PA

Indoor Air Quality testingAhold of Mold Environmental is certified through the New York State Department of Labor as a Certified Mold Assessment Firm. Besides our Continuing Education and Certifications we have a solid 22 years of experience in testing, inspecting, including lab analysis and data interpretation.

Children, the elderly, and people on immunosuppressive medications are especially susceptible to illnesses and symptoms caused by elevated levels of indoor airborne black mold. That’s why A Hold of Mold specializes in delivering quality indoor air quality testing and consultations to residents and businesses throughout Western New York and Northern Pennsylvania.

Our air quality testing services are also important for those who have recently experienced water damage or for those who are considering remodeling projects. With specialized equipment, we detect the sources of moisture, which are necessary points of origin of black mold growth.

We have a range of air quality testing equipment, including FLIR imaging, non-penetrating moisture counters, high-definition borescopes, and more, enabling us to see and diagnose moisture sources others might miss. Air quality testing from Ahold of Mold Environmental is a quick and easy way to give you peace of mind that the air you and your family are breathing in your home is not causing any health issues or adverse symptoms.

Call us today at 716-898-8143 or contact us to learn more about our capabilities and to schedule an on-site mold inspection and indoor air quality test.