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How to Avoid Mold Growth After Snow Melt

January 7, 2021

Preventing mold growth in your home is a year-round task—which might surprise you, if you’re new to the snow or have always assumed that the cold will prevent mold from forming. Unfortunately, as long as your home is warmer indoors than out, that additional moisture from the snow can foster mold, too. Mold survives at much lower temperatures than you might expect. Here’s how it happens, and how to prevent mold growth in the winter in Erie County. How mold grows in the winter Mold needs moisture and a food source to grow. When your home’s warm indoor air meets... View Article

Leave Mold Remediation to a Professional

November 30, 2020

Stopping mold goes beyond scrubbing surfaces with bleach and hoping it works. Controlling mold is challenging for even the most experienced mold inspection and remediation experts in Erie County because mold grows anywhere and frequently returns. You do not want to make mold removal a time-consuming DIY project only to find your family members suffer illness again. Here are five reasons to leave mold remediation to the professionals: Finding the source: Many homeowners try tackle a mold problem by cleaning the areas where they see it. However, the mold you see is often not located at its source. Common sources... View Article

How Much Can Mold Affect the Indoor Air Quality of a Home?

September 9, 2020

Mold is an unappealing issue that can cause discoloration, create unpleasant odors and lead to lasting damage to building materials—but there are some additional issues caused by mold that are just as important to be aware of. Indoor air quality is crucial to the health and comfort of your home, and mold can affect your air quality significantly. Keep reading to learn about how mold affects indoor air quality, and for some advice from a local air quality consultant in Erie County to help you keep your air as fresh as possible. Mold and air quality Mold is a fungus... View Article

Is Mold in the Home Really That Big of a Deal?

August 26, 2020

If you live in an area that is very humid or that gets a lot of rain during the spring and fall, chances are, you’ve already had some run-ins with mold. Mold can grow almost anywhere in the home, including underneath sinks, behind walls or in attics, and go undetected for weeks, months or even years. Lots of homeowners wonder whether mold growth is really that big of a deal. Keep reading to get the answer to that question from water damage restoration specialists in Erie County. Mold basics A lot of people don’t fully understand what mold is or... View Article

Is Humidity Enough to Trigger Mold Formation?

July 23, 2020

The arrival of the warmer summer months can mean a lot of outdoor fun—barbecues, hitting the beach or just lounging by the pool are all some of the activities we can enjoy when the mercury starts ticking upwards. However, life indoors in the summertime can present some challenges thanks to the humidity that summer often brings. Mold tends to thrive in moist environments, so this makes it a real possibility during summertime. The question is, is humidity itself enough to make mold form in damp areas of your home? Unfortunately, it can. Fortunately, New York State certified mold remediation contractors... View Article

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