Is Mold in the Home Really That Big of a Deal?

August 26, 2020

If you live in an area that is very humid or that gets a lot of rain during the spring and fall, chances are, you’ve already had some run-ins with mold. Mold can grow almost anywhere in the home, including underneath sinks, behind walls or in attics, and go undetected for weeks, months or even years. Lots of homeowners wonder whether mold growth is really that big of a deal. Keep reading to get the answer to that question from water damage restoration specialists in Erie County.

Mold basics

A lot of people don’t fully understand what mold is or how it grows. Learning more about the basics of mold development can give you a much better idea of how to handle a mold problem in your home. There are several different types of mold, but they are all fungi that can grow indoors or outdoors. Warm, wet environments offer the optimal conditions for mold growth, so it’s most common for mold to grow indoors underneath sinks, in the bathroom, in the basement or in the attic.

Mold spores can enter a home through the air or by being carried inside by pets and humans. Once mold starts growing, it often spreads quickly to other parts of the home. If you aren’t aware of the mold issue, it might go undetected for a long time. The longer mold goes unnoticed and unaddressed, the bigger the issue is likely to be.

The problem with mold

Mold might appear to be simply an aesthetic issue, but the actual problems it causes are much more serious than that. Here are a few of the biggest issues resulting from mold growth in the home:

  • Home damage: One of the most serious problems caused by mold development is permanent damage to building materials. When mold starts growing on a surface, it causes deterioration that can weaken support beams, damage paint and leave lasting blemishes on surfaces throughout the home. Not only does this damage take away from your home’s appeal, it can also cause some structural weaknesses that lead to more serious issues for your property.
  • Decreased home value: The damage caused by mold can lead to a decline in your home’s value. Even if you aren’t aware of mold growing in your home, a pre-sale inspection will bring this issue to light and might affect the amount you’re able to receive from a sale.
  • Health problems: Perhaps the most significant issue caused by mold development is the increase in related health problems. Mold can aggravate existing allergies and respiratory conditions, and can also cause new health problems to develop.

Hire water damage restoration specialists in Erie County

For help addressing mold issues in your home, reach out to the water damage restoration specialists in Erie County at Ahold of Mold Environmental. We were founded in 1994, and we’ve been developing an outstanding reputation for our services ever since. Whether you’re concerned about a consistent mold issue in your home or want an evaluation after water damage, our team is here to help. Give us a call to schedule an appointment today.

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