Everything You Need to Know About Water Cleanup, Damage Repair and Restoration

August 10, 2021

Water damage is one of the worst things your home or commercial property could experience. When left too long, an excessive amount of moisture could cause rot, structural damage, the growth of mold and much more. That’s why it’s important to contact a water damage restoration company right away. Doing so can help prevent the need for extremely expensive repairs down the line. Read on to learn more about water damage and the importance of hiring a professional water damage restoration company.

Common causes of water damage

There are several scenarios that could result in water damage. One of the most common is flooding. If you live in an area with a high potential for flooding, it’s important to make proper preparations. This might include storing important possessions in higher places and investing in good flood insurance. Plumbing problems like overflowing bathtubs, sinks, etc. could also cause water damage to your home or commercial property. If you notice an overflowing appliance, it’s important to contact a plumber right away.

There are things that could cause smaller amounts of water damage, including a leaking water heater. While this might not cause as much water damage as natural flooding, it’s still important to take care of the problem as soon as possible. Other common causes of water damage include thunderstorms, hurricanes and sewage backups.

What happens during the water damage restoration process?

You’d first need to contact a company that specializes in water removal and water damage restoration services. A professional will then be sent to your place to assess the damage. The initial assessment will include checking for the source of the water and identifying the type of water. They will also likely remove furniture to make room for their equipment.

After the assessment, your water damage restoration team will bring in the right equipment to remove the water. This might include wet/dry vacuums, submersible pumps and more. They may also remove carpet pads if applicable.

To prevent further damage, the team will likely place dehumidifiers in the room to dry your floors and walls. The time it takes to dry your home can vary greatly depending on the extent of the damages. After that, they will clean and sanitize your room before starting major restoration services. These services might include drywall removal and installation, painting, tile repair and more.

Why you should call a professional

While it might be tempting to take care of small spots of water damage on your own, it’s always best to contact a water damage restoration expert instead. Even the smallest mistake could result in the need for expensive repairs. There’s also the possibility that you won’t do the job right and may end up needing to call a professional anyway. Save yourself some time and energy by reaching out to a water damage restoration specialist right away.

If you’re in need of highly-trained water damage restoration experts, contact Ahold of Mold Environmental. We offer competitive prices and 24-hour emergency water removal and water damage restoration services.

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