How to Test the Air Quality in Your Home

August 17, 2021

Air quality is essential to the health of everyone in a household, but many homeowners don’t know how to make sure their air is as healthy as possible. Home air quality tests give homeowners the ability to make sure there aren’t any harmful particles or dangerous substances in their household air. Keep reading to get more information about home air quality tests and learn how you can use them.

Why is air quality testing so important?

Many homeowners assume their air is clean as long as it doesn’t smell strange or have visible suspended particles, but the reality is that most of the things that affect air quality are invisible to the naked eye and can’t be detected without home air quality tests. Long-term exposure to invisible contaminants, including radon, asbestos and mold, can all lead to serious health problems, especially for young children, older adults and those with preexisting conditions or compromised immune systems.

Home air quality testing and monitoring options

There are several things homeowners can do to test and monitor the quality of their indoor air. Here are a few of the best ways to test your air quality and some tips to help you make sure any air quality issues are addressed as proactively as possible:

  • Invest in an air quality monitor: Installing an air quality monitor is a great way to keep an eye on your home’s air quality and detect the presence of harmful particles that might be present in the home. This is an electronic device that’s designed to monitor particulate matter in the air and helps alert homeowners to the presence of harmful substances.
  • Use radon testing kits: A radon testing kit is designed to detect radon, a gas that can cause serious long-term health problems after prolonged exposure. Short-term radon testing kits can be purchased at hardware stores and used to check radon contamination in a home.
  • Install carbon monoxide detectors: Carbon monoxide detectors can be life-saving for homeowners. These detectors will alert homeowners to carbon monoxide leaks before the gas creates dangerous conditions in the home.
  • Hire a professional for an air quality inspection: The best way to check the quality of your indoor air is to hire a professional to provide an in-depth air quality inspection. A professional will use sophisticated detection tools to test a variety of air quality indicators and check for any contamination that has the potential to cause health problems for members of the household.

Home air quality tests

At Ahold of Mold Environmental, we know how important indoor air quality is. That’s why we’re committed to providing comprehensive services, including home air quality tests, to help our customers achieve the best air quality possible in their homes and businesses. Our team will conduct a thorough indoor air quality test and make recommendations to get your air as healthy and contaminant-free as possible. Call us today to find out more about the services we offer and to get started with a home air quality test.

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