Seven Signs of Water Damage in Your Home

January 4, 2022

From a leaky pipe to excessive rainfall, water damage happens for a variety of reasons. Regardless of what causes water damage, you’ll need to fix it right away. Unresolved water damage can eventually lead to other problems in the house, like dangerous mold growth.

If there’s any good news, it’s that knowing whether you have water damage isn’t a guessing game. These are a few signs that it’s time to call a professional for water damage restoration:

  • Dark spots: A dark stain on a wall or ceiling is always a bad sign. It often indicates a leak coming from one of the pipes or even a hole in the roof or side of the house. The stain will get darker or even start to turn a yellowish color as time goes on.
  • Paint problems: When water damages your drywall, it often causes the paint to crack, bubble or even flake off. This is because the drywall expands as it gets wet. This problem will only get worse as time goes on, so nip it in the bud by calling a water damage restoration pro as soon as you notice it.
  • Puddles: One of the most obvious signs that it’s time to call for water damage restoration is pooling water on your floors. You might only notice these puddles after a rainstorm, or they might always form after you take a shower or run the washing machine. Either way, hire a professional to tackle it ASAP.
  • Running water sounds: It might not sound like a rushing river, but you likely have a leak if you hear any slight running water sounds. Even a few audible drips here and there could mean there’s a hidden leak in your home, so be vigilant of dripping, too.
  • Higher utility bills: A sudden spike in your monthly water bill without any changes to your daily routine could indicate a hidden leak. To test this, write down the number on your water meter, and then shut your water off. Wait for a few hours, and check the number again. If it’s higher, you have a leak somewhere in your house.
  • Mold growth: As we mentioned above, mold growth usually follows water damage, so it stands to reason that visible mold growth is one of the obvious signs of water damage. Mold takes many forms, ranging in color from white to green to black. You may be able to clean a small moldy area by yourself, but we recommend hiring a professional for best results.
  • Bad smells: Mold and mildew have a very distinct musty smell. If there’s a particular area in your home that smells musty, it could be due to mold growth. A professional can perform an in-depth inspection to locate and remove all of the mold or mildew.

Hire Ahold of Mold Environmental for help

Water damage restoration isn’t a DIY job—or that, you’ll need to bring in the professionals. Regardless of which areas of your home have water damage, be sure to call our team at Ahold of Mold Environmental. We’ll send someone over right away to perform an inspection and develop a plan to restore your home to like-new condition.

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