How Much Does Mold Inspection Cost on a Home?

April 20, 2022

One of the most important decisions you will ever make will come when you purchase a home. Due to the size of the investment and the fact that it is a place where you will live, you will want to ensure that your home is safe to live in and in good condition. One way that you can ensure this happens is by having necessary inspections completed. One inspection that you should not pass up is a mold inspection. Many people wonder what is included in a mold inspection and what the service will cost. 

What Is Included in a Mold Inspection?

For those wondering what happens during a mold inspection, various services and forms of inspections are completed. One big part of this service is a visual inspection. The inspector will check the home thoroughly for signs of mold and moisture. They will often look at exterior walls, crawl spaces, attics, cabinets, and areas near appliances that use water. The inspector will take note of any mold found and its location. Further inspections behind the walls and checking support structures may be necessary, depending on the severity. 

As not all mold can be quickly seen, the inspector will also complete a mold air test. With this test, the inspector will check the air quality and check for mold spores. If there are heightened levels, it can be a sign that mold exists, and further inspections could be warranted. 

What Does a Mold Inspection Cost?

While it is clear that having a mold inspection done should be considered a top priority, you will want to understand the total cost of the service. For those wondering how much does a mold inspection cost, the final cost of the service varies based on several factors. One factor that will influence this cost is the scope of the service. A quick and simple visual test can cost much less than one that requires more invasive work, such as opening walls or checking difficult-to-access parts of the home. Adding an air test will increase the cost of the service as well.

Another factor that will influence the cost of the test is the size of your home. The larger your home, the more time and work it will take to complete the inspection and service. Further, added complexities, including crawl spaces and attics, can add more to the cost. 

Having your home properly inspected is very important. One type of service that you should have completed is a mold inspection. This service includes several forms of inspection and mold tests that will help give comfort that the home is free of mold. 

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