What Can I Do To Avoid Mold?

August 18, 2022

Mold is one of those dangerous items that can cause an array of health problems, and it can also provide moisture and a food source for bugs that can introduce additional health issues to the household. These are some tips for preventing mold from developing in your home or office:

Keep Everything Dry

The main way to reduce mold in your home is to keep everything dry. You can do so by cleaning up spills the moment they happen and tending to leaks when they occur. Mold grows vastly in moist and damp places, so keeping your home bright and dry is the best action to prevent it.  

Use Mold-Destroying Cleaners

Manufacturers make cleaning agents that destroy mold. Some of the ingredients to search for when shopping for a mold-cutting agent are bleach, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda. These ingredients work together to destroy mold roots and stop their progressions. The prices vary, but you can use them even before you have mold if you don’t want mold to develop mold spores. 

Let the Sunlight In

Sunlight is one of the best mold deterrents you can use. Therefore, you need to open your windows and let the sunlight in so that it can penetrate the moldy areas of your home. 

Try a Little Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a fantastic natural antiseptic and can kill mold from its roots. You can try cleaning all of your countertops and surfaces and any spot where mold is growing in these areas. That way, you will be proactive in removing existing mold and destroying any new mold trying to emerge. 

Ventilate Your Home

Leave the damp areas of your home open for ventilation as much as you can. The dry air will help to keep mold production down and prevent it from spreading. However, you’ll need some of the cleaning agents mentioned above to eliminate the mold in your home. 

Contact a Professional Company

Calling a professional cleaning company is always a great idea if you want to prevent or cease mold production. Commercial cleaning companies have stronger chemicals that can rid you of the mold issue. You can request an estimate to know what you need to pay to have them provide the services you need. They will come to your office or home and perform a mold inspection to find the mold sources and their roots. They’ll then treat the area and leave you with a clean and hazard-free environment. 

Have the Home or Office Inspected

You shouldn’t end your journey with a single service. You’d be wiser if you scheduled a periodic inspection so the professionals can detect new mold growth and treat it accordingly. 

Now you know what to do to prevent mold from developing inside your home or to stop it from spreading. Don’t hesitate to send a message or call a participating mold removal company if you need hope.  

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