What Are Some The Health Effects of Mold?

November 16, 2022

Mold is something that is in many homes and businesses that you may not even notice or be aware of. Knowing what symptoms mold might cause can help you determine if you have a mold infestation and if you should have someone come and inspect your home.

Potential Health Effects of Mold

Molds produce allergens that can cause trouble breathing, they can cause stuffy nose, runny nose, runny and itchy eyes, they can cause hives, and so much more. Mold, depending on how serious the infestation is, can cause serious health issues for everyone. For people that have respiratory issues and that have trouble breathing due to asthma, mold can exacerbate your asthma and make it even harder to breathe.

Prolonged exposure to mold in those that have an allergy to it can also cause those individuals to have extreme trouble breathing and can cause them to have to go to the hospital to have treatment. In some cases of very serious allergic reactions, you can also go into anaphylactic shock that causes the breathing passages to close up and the need for an epinephrine pen to help manage the symptoms until the individual can get to the hospital.

What To Do If you Have a Mold Infestation

There are a few things that you need to do if you suspect that you have a mold infestation. First, you need to contact a mold testing and mitigation company. Then, you need to set up a consultation. They will come in and help to determine if you have a mold infestation or if you have anything that needs to be taken care of. They can perform air quality tests, they can check walls and vents, and they can help determine where the mold is and where it is located.

Then, they can help to create a management and treatment plan to remove the mold and to help prevent it from coming back. When you have mold, the best thing you can do is work to have it removed fully by a professional. If you are allergic to mold at all you do need to ensure that you are not handling it or breathing it in. Professional mitigation is the best way to take care of mold and to remove it fully from the home to protect those that live there and anyone that might visit there as well.  

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