How To Prepare for Water Damage From a Hurricane

December 26, 2022

Natural disasters require us to be proactive instead of reactive. That’s why preparing for water damage before a hurricane is important. While trained water restoration specialists can help, there is something to be said for preparing before it is too late.

The following guide is here to assist anyone looking for the proper assistance. Be sure to read on and learn more about how to prepare for water damage prior to a hurricane’s arrival. The following tips and pointers are critical.

1. Elevate and Anchor Your Most Crucial Utilities

The most critical utilities in the home need to be taken care of before the hurricane has had the chance to make landfall. This includes your electrical panels and your propane tanks. In addition to these pivotal items, you will also want to ensure that your sockets and wiring are not exposed to potential floodwaters. The same goes for any valuable appliances, as well as your home’s heating system.

2. Protect The Basement

The basement must be protected at all costs, and a failure to do so will be very costly to the homeowner. If mold is allowed to flourish in a basement, the long-term expenditures are going to be massive. An operational sump pump and water alarm are going to be a must-have for anyone looking to remain protected from floodwaters. Power failures are common during hurricanes, so take the time to install a backup pump that will still work during these instances.

3. Clean Out the Gutters Immediately

This is the sort of task that homeowners often procrastinate on, but that is a major folly that must be avoided. For starters, a failure to clean out the gutters is placing your home at serious risk of increased floodwaters once a hurricane arrives. This task is not always linked to hurricane readiness, but it very well should be. If the debris is not cleaned out of the gutters or the downspouts, this places the home in danger. Water is far more likely to start accumulating indoors during heavy storms.

4. Elevate Your Furniture

The last thing that anyone wants to do is replace their furniture after floodwaters have damaged it. You can avoid this all-too-common pitfall by taking the time to elevate furniture before the hurricane touches down. Take all of the truly valuable furniture and move it to the safest place possible. The highest floor of the home is the top choice, and if you have room in your attic, this should be the move.

5. Stash Your Key Documents

Legal paperwork, such as a birth certificate or a marriage license should be stored in a waterproof area. The same goes for financial paperwork and insurance policy information. Take the safe that these items are being stored in and place them on the home’s highest floor. Safety deposit boxes are another common stash spot for homeowners before hurricanes arrive.

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