What Can I Do After a House Fire With Water Damage?

January 16, 2023

If you have ever experienced a fire, you already know the extent of damage it can cause. The flames from a fire can cause lingering after-effects even after the fire has been put out. To make sure that it is safe to return to your home, fire damage must be handled immediately since it can really destroy its structure. Fire damage can also pose a hazard to your health. This guide will help you learn what to do after experiencing a house fire with water damage.

Things To Do After a House Fire

You should do several things immediately following fire and water damage to your home.

Safety Is a Priority

One of the first things you should do immediately following fire and water damage is to ensure it is safe to enter your home. The only way to know it is safe is to check with fire officials. They will inform you whether it is okay for you to enter.

However, as you wait outside, you can inspect the exterior of your home to see what has been damaged. This includes the ceilings, walls, flooring, and roof. Water damage is not always as obvious as fire damage, so it is imperative that you check. If you notice any damage to any electrical wiring in the home, then it is a clear sign that you cannot safely enter.

Contact Insurance Company

Once your home has been deemed safe to enter, you need to contact your insurance company and inform them of the damage. For any possible repairs to begin, the insurance company may send out an adjuster to carefully observe and inspect the damage.

While you are on the phone with your insurance company, an agent will inform you of your policy limits and the amount you have available to spend on repairs.

Additionally, you should ask your insurance company about arrangements for temporary housing. You will likely be unable to live in your home immediately following a fire. Fortunately, your insurance company should be able to take care of living and food expenses on a temporary basis.

Keep Track of Damages

Take pictures and/or videos of the water damage sustained throughout your home. Furthermore, write down all items in your home damaged by fire and water. If you have experienced mold growth from water damage, take note of these items as well.

The pictures, notes, and videos you take will be sufficient evidence that you can submit to your insurance company to help speed up the claims process.

Contact a Restoration Company

After officially filing your claim with your insurance company for the water and fire damage to your property, reach out to a restoration company. Restoration companies can work with your insurance company to handle your claim.

Restoration companies can inspect the mold and other damage and prevent them from returning.


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